Business Focused Maintenance

The AUE's joint Business Focused Maintenance initiative with BSRIA, with the assistance of the Universities of Wolverhampton and Surrey, is now complete and a Higher Education Guide to Business-Focused Maintenance has been created.

History of the Project


First Report - November 2010

Over the past few months, Phil Greenwood, from the University of Plymouth, has been working closely with BSRIA (Building Services Research and Information Association), to develop a joint project to benefit University Estates Departments throughout the sector. As a result, the AUE has now arranged with BSRIA for a pilot study on Business Focussed Maintenance to be carried out at the University of Wolverhampton. Further details can be found here.

Project Progress – February 2011

The pilot project for Business Focussed Maintenance is nearing completion, with BSRIA having spent 3 days at University of Wolverhampton, investigating the services of one of its teaching and administration buildings. Together with the university’s maintenance team, BSRIA have undertaken a study of the services within the building, reviewed the maintenance system and produced proposals for rationalising the maintenance scheme.

It is expected that BSRIA will write a specific maintenance document for the Wolverhampton building during March, and in order to complete the project, this will provide the basis for the production of a generic document for the Higher Education Sector.

The pilot project at Wolverhampton has included the following stages:

Project Progress - February 2012

The AUE is now entering the second phase of its BFM initiative with BSRIA.

Subsequent to BSRIA producing the pilot report at the University of Wolverhampton in May, it was circulated for comment, and meetings have been held at BSRIA to discuss the way forward.

The deadline for expressions of interest for AUE Member Universities to participate in the second phase has now passed, with responses received from five universities. These will now be evaluated and a decision made as soon as possible.

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