AUE 2021 Virtual CPD & KNOWLEDGE Series for AUE Members August Update

22 July 2021
Due to popular demand, we are now launching more CPD & KNOWLEDGE Sessions!

Since the CPD & KNOWLEDGE Series launched in February, we've seen a great numbers of members engage with the programme and our speakers every month. Due to popular demand, we have now extended the series and will announce all the newly launched sessions in the coming weeks, so stay tuned for more information. 

This means that we will be running a second session on the morning of 18th August. The event platform will be open from 10:00 giving you the opportunity to familiarise yourself with the platform and network with AUE colleagues ahead of the session at 10:30-11:45. Afterwards you'll be able to network further and visit the expo.

Session 8

The Latest in Energy Efficient Critical Infrastructure for University Buildings, with Vertiv


Russell Bulley - Senior Applications Engineer and Accredited CIBSE CPD Presenter, 

Joe Thomas - Area Sales Manager - Thermal Management,  

Rob Redmond - Sales Team Leader, AC Power all of Vertiv

Universities are seeing a need for more data-intensive applications, including Big Data and data analytics, as well as large amounts of data processing as they're continuing to offer a more interactive learning experience for students. This CPD will deep dive into the critical IT infrastructure technologies which need to adapt to ensure continued business continuity, connectivity and availability for day to day university operations. We'll be sharing the latest advancements in critical power and cooling technology to combat these challenges to have a robust infrastructure to meet the evolving connectivity and data demands.

Please see below an overview of the programme:

10:00 - 10:30      Platform Familiarisation and Networking 
10:30 - 11:45      Training Session
11:45 - 12:15      Member Networking (via chat roulette)
11:45 - 12:15      Visit the Expo


As Architects of Continuity™, Vertiv solves the most important challenges facing today’s data centers, communication networks and commercial and industrial facilities with a portfolio of power, cooling and IT infrastructure solutions and services that extends from the cloud to the edge of the network. Our customers’ need for always-on, mission-critical applications is what drives us to constantly innovate for more efficient, reliable, and intelligent IT infrastructure.


Session 7 - 4th August 2021

by Andrew Lewis - Associate Commercial Director, Becky Allen - Client Manager & Ian Johnson - CAFM Product Manager of Zetasafe.

ZetaSafe closes the compliance loop for estate managers within the University sector. Integration with Micad FM and IOT data streaming will enable you to:

• Track the corrective action to completion - providing a robust audit trail
• Reduce risk and prevent human error
• Evidence the corrective action associated with a compliance related issue
• Increase productivity of the workforce
• Have a single source of the truth


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