AUE Guides

AUE Guides for Mechanical and Electrical Installations


The AUE is delighted to be able to make available to its members this collection of guides for the provision of mechanical and electrical services.

The intention of these guides is to enable you to simply pull together a document you can use for small to medium sized projects, as well as provide guidance to design teams for larger projects.

Each guide can be used on its own or in combination with any of the other guides.

The General Guide includes basic preliminaries you can use for any project and is recommended to be used with any combination of the guides you choose, as it contains a "tick box" page to indicate which guides you are incorporating in your documents.

We would ask that you retain references to both the AUE and Hulley & Kirkwood.

These documents are specifically titled as guides, as neither the AUE nor Hulley & Kirkwood can offer any professional indemnity with their use.

We hope you find them useful and would welcome any comments for improvements, changes and additions to be incorporated within the biennial document review.


These documents have all been revised by Hulley & Kirkwood in December 2023.

0.0 - General Guide


1.0 - Low Temperature Hot Water Heating

2.0 - Chilled Water Systems

3.0 - Domestic Hot and Cold Water Services

4.0 - Natural Gas Systems

5.0 - Compressed Air Systems

6.0 - Chemical Cleaning and Flushing of Water Systems

7.0 - Ductwork Systems

8.0 - Refrigerant Pipework Systems

9.0 - Above Ground Soil Waste and Ventilation Pipes

10.0 - Operating and Maintenance Manuals

11.0 - Thermal Insulation

12.0 - Inspection Testing and Commissioning

13.0 - Air Source Heat Pump Systems

14.0 - Ground Source Heat Pump Systems

15.0 - Water Source Heat Pump Systems




1.0 - Low Voltage Distribution Systems

2.0 - Cable Construction and Installation

3.0 - Conduit and Cable Trunking Installations

4.0 - Cable Tray Installation

5.0 - Lighting Installation

6.0 - Emergency Lighting Installation

7.0 - Power Installations

8.0 - Data Communication Cabling Requirements

9.0 - Electrical for Mechanical Services

10.0 - Fire Alarm Installation

11.0 - Television Installation

12.0 - Uninterruptible Power Supply Installations

13.0 - Earthing

14.0 - Testing and Commissioning

15.0 - Operating and Maintenance Manuals

16.0 - Lightning Protection Installation