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AUE Learning and Development Strategy

The AUE learning and development (L&D) strategy is an organisational strategy that articulates its membership Knowledge , Abilities , Training , Experience, capabilities, skills or competencies required, and how these can be developed, to ensure a sustainable, successful organisation for the benefit of its members.

The strategy will be embodied within the training ethos of the AUE and all members are urged to take a look at the draft document on the AUE website (attached at the bottom of this page).

It is hoped that a portal will be available on the website called ‘AUE Academy’, and it is where a lot of information about training, CPD sessions and webinars will be posted.


Call for Ideas

The AUE Academy also are looking for new ideas of training/courses to support in the sector.    

If you are willing to organise a course and offer additional places to the wider membership, then the AUE will be willing to look at subsidising the training.


You know of topics that would warrant a day’s training that benefits the sector (but isn’t necessarily something your institution has to provide)


You know some really good speakers that we could work with to offer sector specific training.

Please get in contact: or

Henry Gun-Why - Interim AUE Learning & Development Coordinator



The AUE has, in recent years, provided subsidised training for its members on the following subjects:

    Soft Landings
    Management of the Commissioning Process
    Building Regulations
    Electrical Regulations
    Fume Cupboards
    Fire Detection
    Life Cycle Costing.