Virtual CPD & Knowledge Series Programme 2021

                                AUE 2021 Virtual CPD & KNOWLEDGE


1st December 2021

The first December AUE 2021 Virtual CPD & KNOWLEDGE Series on Wednesday 1st focussed on Understanding Water Quality and Total Solutions in a session delivered by Jean Nkuliza and Keith Mileham, both Technical Sales Engineers, Spirotech UK. 

Session synopsis:
Factors affecting water quality is crucial to maintaining system efficiency and maximising the lifespan. This highlights our focus on treating the cause and providing solutions to issues.

Recording of session

7th December 2021

The second AUE 2021 Virtual CPD & KNOWLEDGE Series in December was run by Toshiba focusing on A Guide to Variable Refrigerant Technology.

Michael Kocurek, Regional Specification Manager, Toshiba Air Conditioning UK

Session Synopsis:
This session will cover:

  • Detailed understanding of application and design
  • Types of equipment available
  • The application of VRF systems
  • Detailed investigation into the refrigeration cycle
  • Awareness of the different support tools for correct equipment selections
  • System installation criteria.

Recording of the session


As a world leader in electronics, Toshiba is committed to delivering the highest standards of quality and innovation in all of the industries in which the company is a major player. These principles apply to the air conditioning division for which Toshiba continues to develop market leading products suitable for residential and commercial applications.




3rd November 2021

Low carbon, all-electric heating, cooling, hot water and energy recovery with no compromises in a session delivered by Andrew Latus, Regional Sales Manager and AHU product specialist, Klima-Therm. 

Recording of Session

Klima-Therm has been providing a comprehensive portfolio of HVAC equipment to the building services industry for nearly 40 years, including genuine world-first achievements, all supplied with expert application knowledge and technical back-up. Our products are renowned for being well designed, versatile, highly efficient and competitive. Our wide range includes Heat Pumps, Chillers and AHUs.


17th November 2021

Lighting For Educational Establishments (LG5).

Sonia Pepperell, Product Manager - Commercial, Thorlux Lighting 

Session synopsis:
The SLL guidance for good design to inspire the student and empower the teacher for the lowest capital cost, in an energy efficient way.

Recording of Session

Thorlux, a division of F W Thorpe Plc, is well known throughout the world and provides a comprehensive range of professional lighting and control systems.



6th October 2021

Water treatment in commercial heating and DHW systems in a session delivered by Joe Bell, Commercial Sector Manager - East, David Webster, Commercial Sector Manager - Midlands and Russ Walliss, Commercial Sector Manager - South, all of Sentinel.

Joe Bell, Commercial Sector Manager - East
David Webster, Commercial Sector Manager - Midlands
Russ Walliss, Commercial Sector Manager - South

Session synopsis:

In this session, Sentinel will cover the following;

They also covered the following learning objectives, so that after the session you will be able to;

Recording of Session

Sentinel are water treatment experts, with 30+ years’ experience in the sector, helping you clean, protect & maintain heating and hot water systems. Our comprehensive range of products, supported by approachable experts, will help you achieve best practice protection for commercial systems, protecting against limescale, corrosion and accompanying problems which can cause inefficiency or failure.

20th October 2021

Building & Campus Energy Optimisation & Decarbonisation.

Eric Roberts, Business Development Manager
David Ross, ICL Partner Operations Manager

Session synopsis:
How IES’ innovative digital twin technologies can be used by engineers and estate teams to optimise and decarbonise their university estates

Recording of session


Over the last 25+ years IES has built a solid reputation as the leading global innovator in integrated performance-based analysis for the built environment. Our Digital Twin technology facilitates the creation of resource-efficient, healthy and cost-effective built-environments of any size or purpose – supporting citizens, companies, campuses, communities, cities and even countries.


9th September 2021

The Latest in Energy Efficient Critical Infrastructure for University Buildings, with Vertiv

Russell Bulley - Senior Applications Engineer and Accredited CIBSE CPD Presenter,
Joe Thomas - Area Sales Manager - Thermal Management,
Rob Redmond - Sales Team Leader, AC Power all of Vertiv

Session synopsis:
Universities are seeing a need for more data-intensive applications, including Big Data and data analytics, as well as large amounts of data processing as they're continuing to offer a more interactive learning experience for students. This CPD will deep dive into the critical IT infrastructure technologies which need to adapt to ensure continued business continuity, connectivity and availability for day to day university operations. We'll be sharing the latest advancements in critical power and cooling technology to combat these challenges to have a robust infrastructure to meet the evolving connectivity and data demands.

Recording of Vertiv Session

As Architects of Continuity™, Vertiv solves the most important challenges facing today’s data centers, communication networks and commercial and industrial facilities with a portfolio of power, cooling and IT infrastructure solutions and services that extends from the cloud to the edge of the network. Our customers’ need for always-on, mission-critical applications is what drives us to constantly innovate for more efficient, reliable, and intelligent IT infrastructure.


21st September 2021

Alex Emms, Operations Director from Kohler, delivered Uninterrupted Power Interpreted.

Alex Emms, Operations Director, Kohler

Session synopsis:
Would you benefit from knowing more about uninterruptible power supply systems and how they are developing? Learn what questions to ask, what information to have ready and what to look out for in the future.

*GDPR note: by signing up to this event, you are allowing us to share your contact details (full name, job title, email address and University name and address) with our supporters. If you would like us to remove you from the attendee list, please contact

Recording of Kohler Power Session

Kohler Uninterruptible Power, part of the global Kohler Co. Power Group, are a leading provider of power protection solutions and services. Our product portfolio includes single and three-phase uninterruptible power supplies from 1 kVA to 5 MVA, emergency lighting static inverters, battery banks, and standby diesel generators. We are also renowned for our exceptional pre- and post-sales support. Our service offering includes site audits, preventative maintenance visits, 24/7 emergency on-site support, battery and remote monitoring packages.


04 August 2021

Connected Compliance with ZetaSafe

by Andrew Lewis - Associate Commercial Director, Becky Allen - Client Manager &
Ian Johnson - CAFM Product Manager

ZetaSafe enables you to efficiently collect, manage and share critical compliance data, helping you to meet obligations and keep your people and buildings safe and secure. Benefits include:

Peace of mind via audit trail and visible reassurance of monitoring

Real-time visibility of data, KPIs and trends, auto escalation of non-compliances

Manage Water Hygiene, Legionella, Fire Safety (RRO Fire Safety 2005) and Emergency Lighting and any compliance checks.

Recording of Session 7

07 July 2021

By John Treble, Founder and Client Services Director, The Green Consultancy and George Barnes, Energy and Sustainability Consultant, Owen Jones, Senior Energy Consultant and Simon Matthews, Principal Energy Consultant all of JRP Solutions. These speakers will provide a practical guide to developing and implementing a decarbonisation plan, tackling Scope 3 and an introduction to supply chain mapping.

Recording of Session 6



02 June 2021

By Garry Metcalfe, CEO and Chris Butchart, CEO, both of Invida

Backlog maintenance is not an exciting topic. However, with the Physical Estate under unprecedented scrutiny, we need to make this topic more exciting, to learn from other sectors, change the narrative, and gain access to funds vital to tackling backlog maintenance. This session will examine why Backlog Maintenance continues to be such a challenge, but importantly provide some guidance to help address the issue.

Recording of Session 5


05 May 2021

By Kirsty Aldridge, National Sales Manager - Menerga, Systemair Ltd

This session will focus on Hygienic Air Handling Units and their relevance in University buildings. It will explore key elements of  hygienic by design AHUs and what to look for when bringing outside air into teaching spaces and laboratories.

Recording of Session 4


07 April 2021

by James Cooper, Business Development Manager - Heat Pumps, Lochinvar Ltd.

This session will focus on Commercial Heat Pump Applications for Existing Heating and Hot Water Systems.

Recording of Session 3


03 March 2021

by Neil Fright, CEO and Glyn Lee, Key Energy Account Manager, both of Carbon Numbers Ltd.

This session will focus on BEMS - Cloud, Carbon and Costs, and more specifically on getting the most from your existing system. It will also explore ways to reduce costs, improve performance and access Salix.

Recording of Session 2


03 February 2021

by Erika Wilson, Managing Director of Wilson Power Solutions

Main contents will include:

Recording of Session 1