NEDeRS® National Equipment Defect Reporting Scheme
The AUE executive is pleased to announce that it has taken out a subscription to the National Equipment Defect Reporting Scheme (NEDeRS) to provide members with a means of receiving reports on high voltage equipment malfunctions. These are provided by the Energy Networks Association to subscribing organisations throughout the electricity supply industry.

If your institution owns and/or operates high voltage equipment (typically 11 KV in the HE sector) then immediate notification of a Dangerous incident or a Suspension of Operational Practice should form an essential part of an electrical safety regime. Click to have a look at an overview of the scheme.

NEDeRS® is an international database that enables Transmission Distribution Network operators, service providers and industrial users (from the UK and overseas) to share defect information about electrical equipment manufactured worldwide. NEDeRS® is a web based system which is available anywhere there is an internet connection. NEDeRS® is open to asset owners, network operators and maintenance and support organisations, but not directly to manufacturers.

The Scheme - AUE Members will gain unlimited access to the website, with information emailed to members whenever a DIN, SOP or NEDeR is issued. Members can carry out historic searches on plant and by specific manufacturers. The system contains photographs, diagrams, associated documentation and contact numbers for the majority of the plant items registered in the application.

Definitions - NEDeRS® currently has four reporting classes:

Please read the Terms and Conditions and further Scheme Information.

If you would like to take advantage of this service, complete this application form. The AUE administrator will then add your name to the AUE subscriber list. Please allow a few days for this to happen.