AUE Academy Learning and Development Bursaries

The AUE Executive are delighted to announce that AUE Academy Learning and Development Bursaries Fund is now “open” for applications.

The AUE Executive, through the AUE Academy are committed to helping its members to develop their professional career or to support a junior engineer or apprentice in their teams. The fund is not intended to replace institutions’ obligation to provide statutory training, however, it can be used to support training/travel/accommodation if there is a specific path the individual wishes to develop in their career or teams.

Learning and Development Bursaries to support engineering-related training is available in two categories:

1)        To provide support for Individual Training

2)        To provide support for Engineers, Trainees / Apprentices

The AUE Executive have the delegated responsibility to set a budget provision for Learning and Development Bursaries and will review the provision commensurate to the members’ reasonable requirements.  Application submissions will be considered on a quarterly basis - 31st March 30th June, 30th September and 31st Dec in each calendar year.  The applications will be reviewed by the AUE Learning and Development Task Group with the objective to provide a timely response within two weeks of the application submittal. 

There is no limit on the number of applications per university, but it is limited to one per person/ per calendar year.

If you wish to apply for funding complete the relevant form below and submit to

If you are nominating someone, please make sure that an AUE member is supporting the application.