Focus Groups

The AUE Executive, at its meeting in Birmingham on the 16th February 2012, agreed to create a number of focus groups. The purpose of these is to allow more members to be involved, to provide a focus on the areas that have been created, to spread the workload on the Executive itself, and to drive some initiatives and outputs to benefit all and perhaps drive the agenda in the sector.

The focus groups and their chairs are as follows:




Higher Education Design Quality Forum (HEDQF)

Keith Sims - Welsh Regional Chair


Paul Richards - AUE Chair

BSRIA Co-ordinator

Daren Bezants - Royal Holloway




Heather Loosemore - WM Regional Chair

Sustainability and Energy

Mark Durdin - Swansea

BSRIA Soft Landings

David Barratt – Scotland Regional Chair

If you would like to be involved in one of the focus groups, please email the chair using the appropriate link above. It is hoped that members will participate in this way - there should be no geographical boundaries to taking part.

It’s also likely that technology such as Skype will be used, to allow members to communicate face to face and reduce, if not eliminate, the need to have actual meetings, although these may be required from time to time.

You may already have seen activity on the mailbase to muster recruits to the Groups, so please look out for these and, if you are interested, then please put your name forward.