Scotland Regional Chair

The Regional Chair for Scotland is Lewis Matthews of the University of Stirling (

Vice-Chairman - John Keenan of Glasgow Caledonian University (

Chairman's introduction

The Scotland Region of AUE enjoys an active membership from most of Scotland's HE institutions with three regional meetings held each academic year. These meetings are hosted by each institution in turn and are normally attended by 15 to 20 university engineers. This "captive" audience provides an invaluable opportunity for networking to companies who are prepared to offer technical presentations and CPD sessions on a wide range of subjects. The regional meetings comprise the morning technical sessions and, after a light lunch the AUE business agenda followed by the opportunity to discuss technical subjects of common interest.


Scheduled meetings


Topic Location Date

Scotland Regional Meeting

1st Technical Presentation:

Geo-exchange: Reducing energy use and carbon impact: Magnus Henderson, Black Mountain Developments

2nd Technical Presentation:

4G Lean heat network design & Danfoss Flat Stations (HIU’s): Simon Kerr, Sav Systems

Fairley Room, University Library, University of Dundee

7th June 2019

9.30am to 3pm


See agenda and map of Dundee University in 'Minutes of Previous Meetings' below

Scotland Regional Meeting

University of Aberdeen AB24 3FX

Meeting Room 1, Level 7, Sir Duncan Rice Library

Friday 15th March 2019 9.30am-3pm

See agenda attached to 'Minutes of Previous Meetings' below

Scotland Regional Meeting

See attached agenda
Heriot Watt University Friday 30 November 2018

Minutes of previous meetings

Presentations and documents from previous meetings

Scotland Regional Members

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