Barbour - Covid-19 Risk Assessments

9 June 2020
Barbour is here to help you keep yourself and your employees safe and secure during this challenging period.

Don’t fall afoul of the law during Covid-19

Staying compliant is always tricky, but even more so during a global pandemic.

We’re releasing an exclusive free Director’s Briefing covering everything you need to know to keep your workplace safe during Covid-19, plus a series of essential risk assessments to help you align with the government’s “Covid-19 Secure” guidelines.

These cover all industries and work activities encompassed by the guidelines, including:

  • construction sites
  • factories, plants and warehouses
  • offices
  • garages
  • restaurants and takeaways
  • shops
  • cleaning
  • vehicle drivers
  • working in other people's homes

These templates detail all the necessary control measures required by each workplace or activity, giving you a clearer view of the actions you need to take as part of your risk assessments.

They allow you to record and document the measures already in place and any actions you are yet to complete.

In this way, you can be sure you’re complying with government regulations and ensure that your employees are protected from harm during the pandemic.

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