Barbour - Reopening work premises after lockdown - where do I start?

7 May 2020
Barbour have produced guidance to help you identify and evaluate the key areas of focus for reopening your workplace, once the Covid-19 restrictions begin to be lifted.

Their information covers;

  • reoccupation risk assessments
  • building safety
  • fire safety systems
  • water management – legionella
  • deep cleaning
  • good hygiene practices
  • plant and equipment safety
  • managing health and safety
  • social distancing
  • employee wellbeing.    

The Director’s Briefing is available here.

Barbour are committed to supporting our subscribers during this challenging time, we have; 

  • published guidance on risk assessments and safety policies
  • published guidance on respiratory protective equipment
  • published extensive home working and DSE guidance
  • introduced a helpline.

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