EAUC and HEBCon - Adapting Universities and Colleges to a Changing Climate

2 October 2019
EAUC and HEBCoN are delighted to launch a new set of guides and resources on Adapting universities and colleges to a changing climate: Making the case and taking action.

EAUC and HEBCon (the Higher Education Business Continuity Network)


Climate change presents multiple risks to teaching, research and operational activities in all universities and colleges. No matter how much we as a sector reduce our emissions, the impacts of climate change - from past, present and future greenhouse gas emissions - will affect your campus, local area, supply chains, and research and recruitment activities further afield. Climate change is also a risk multiplier, increasing the likelihood or severity of other risks which your institution will have already identified. Both mitigation and adaptation plans are important in your response to the climate emergency.

Climate change risks and adaptation strategies cannot effectively be managed by sustainability or estates teams alone. Engagement with business continuity, risk and senior management teams in identifying and agreeing strategies to reduce these risks is vital to successfully reducing them.

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