This Week in FM July 2019

12 July 2019
Lots of articles for you to read here.


  • M&E is not a UK Job of Choice
  • Spinning and Spinning and Spinning Around (If you feel like you can't keep up with the pace of change, then you're not alone. 69% of UK adults feel like change happens faster now than 20 years ago, rising to 75% of those over 55)
  • Green Finance Strategy - City Must Play Vital Role
  • Living Wage Laughed Out the Door - BEIS Strike Planned
  • All Systems Go Following COSHH Software Overhaul
  • UK Risks Credibility on Climate Change
  • EV Charging - An Introduction to Induction
  • Top Tips for Hot Water Heating Units
  • Programme to Support Next Gen FM Leaders

and many more