JISCMail Usage Policy

The National Academic Mailing List Service, known as 'JISCMail', is a service designed specifically for the further and higher education and research communities and is one of a number of services provided by JISC Advance, making it the foremost strategic collaboration tool within the academic community.

JISCMail uses the world wide web and e-mail to enable groups of academics and support staff to talk to each other and to share information. Members of the AUE are entitled to subscribe to the AUE-NETWORK mailing list which is a forum for discussion exclusively for University Engineers.

To request inclusion on the AUE list, please send your contact details to the AUE Administrator at info@aue.ac.uk. You will need to be a registered member of the AUE.


February 2014: Jisc have revised their Acceptable Use Policy, and their communication on the subject is reproduced below:

The Acceptable Use Policy has been revised, updated and renamed "Service Policies."  The Service Policies document combines all of the individual polices on our website into one, and we hope that this is more straightforward to use and refer to.

The policies are available now on our website: http://www.jiscmail.ac.uk/policyandsecurity/ and document the following: Introduction, Using JiscMail, Ethics, Role of List Owners, Content of Messages, Mailing List Archives, Mailing List Etiquette, Limitations, Data Protection, Freedom of Information Act, Violating this policy, Amendments.In using JiscMail, both list owners and subscribers should adhere to the conditions set out in the document.

If you have any questions regarding the changes we've made, please contact helpline@jiscmail.ac.uk


AUE JISCMail Code of Conduct

The AUE Executive has approved a Code of Conduct for members using the service. It would be appreciated if members would read this and ensure that they use JISCMail in the approved manner. A review of this Code of Conduct is being prepared - in the meantime, we would ask members to ensure that they do not post libellous remarks relating to specific companies or individuals.


Did you know.......?

It is possible to browse subjects which have previously been discussed by AUE members via Jiscmail. Just go to the AUE-NETWORK Homepage, where you will find a month by month list of topics, along with a search facility.


Another useful tip!

If you find that Jiscmails are clogging up your inbox, it is possible to automatically divert them to a separate folder within your inbox - all you have to do is apply a rule to send all AUE-network@jiscmail.ac.uk emails to go there. Doing this will prevent your already busy inbox being bogged down with interesting but not immediately important emails. It also allows you to see all of the responses to the mailbase quickly and at a time convenient to yourself.  If you're using Microsoft Outlook it is simple to do, just go to help and type in "Manage e-mail messages with rules" or "create a rule" and there is a to guide to take you through by using this step by step Guide.

You can also create another rule on Microsoft Outlook that filters the AUE Jiscmail email messages so that you just receive the first email from any topic, but then any replies are sent to another folder so they don’t clog up your inbox. Click here for details.


And another!

If you receive a Jiscmail message and wish to respond to the sender only, you can find his/her email address by hovering your cursor over the top of the message, where it says A forum for discussion for University Engineers on behalf of name. Alternatively, you can right click the name and this will also show the email address.

If you click on reply, it will send your message to everyone.