AUE Conference 2006

Presentations 2006
Newport 2006: Educational Facilities Conference - Forum Sessions

Session 1
Presenter: Alan Fitzpatrick of Royal & Sun Alliance
Title: Is the UK going to have a power shortage?
Abstract: The UK Government introduced new building regulations, changed the planning laws, yet still expects the private sector to build power stations. Coupled with the fact that the price of electricity and gas will rise until new gas connectors......
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Session 2
Presenter: Tim Gaston of Clearwater Technology
Title: 'Improved pathogen control in Water and Air Systems'

Session 3
Presenter: Ant Wilson of Faber Maunsell - Building Regulations Part L
Title: ' The Building Regulations Part L'
Abstract: Ever prescriptive regulations around the energy performance of buildings continue to be issued. Together with the European Directive 2002/91/EC needing to be in place by January 2006, much needs to be still understood, Ant Wilson of Fab........debates!
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Session 4
Presenter: Roger Schulp of Corporate Health and Safety Solutions
Title: 'HSE inspection following an accident - what to expect'

Session 5
Presenter: Terry Billingham of the University fo Bristol
Title: 'Free Cooling'

Session 6
Presenter: Dr Ian Knight of Cardiff University
Title: 'Targeting and Monitoring'
Abstract: Utilities Targeting and Metering - The Big Picture for the UK Higher Education Sector.
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Session 7
Presenter: Alan Hambridge of Controls Assurance
Title: 'Audit and Screen Prove Essential to Good Management of Asbestos in Universities'
Abstract: Alan gives a full overview of the need for an Asbestos Management Strategy and what to expect if you ignore the need!
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Session 8
Presenter: Peter Rogers, Darren Wright and Alan Reading of ARUP
Title: 'Understanding how Integration creates value'
Abstract: Integration helps business owners, estate managers and occupants to realise their goals in areas of cost, comfort, convenience, safety, long-term ..............
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