AUE Conference 2010

Conference Presentations 2010

2010 Conference held at the Manchester Conference Centre


Session 1

Lighting Past and Future
Presented by: Joe Smith, Siteco


Session Two
The Development of Controls
Presented by: Roger Moncur, Schneider Electric

Session Three
Practical Risk Management
Presented by: Scott Trimm, Birmingham City University


Session Four
Usable Buildings
Presented by: Bill Bordass, William Bordass Associates

Session Five
A Route Map To a Sustainable Infrastructure
Presented by: Mike Sheppard, Lancaster University


Session Six

Liquid Thinking
Presented by: Damian Hughes, LiquidThinker Ltd

Session Seven
Remote metering
Presented by: Lyn Roberts, Coherent Tech


Estates Information Management
Presented by: Daniela Miguel, Zeta Compliance Technologies


Session Eight

Controlling the Environment
Presented by: John Martin, Danfoss Drives


The Development of Voltage Power Optimisation for Energy Saving
Presented by: Nick Keegan, powerPerfector