The AUE Chairman is a member of the University Design Quality Forum (UDF), an organisation which aims to improve the performance of buildings and estates in universities and higher education colleges. It was formed in 1995 to provide a long-term forum for discussions between procurers in the higher education sector and the architectural profession.

Member Benefits

- free attendance at events and debates (for 2 AUE members)
- first call at events and Conference
- full access to research papers and building case studies

Member Suggestions

UDF would be pleased to hear your suggestions on future visits, seminars and workshops, especially if you are prepared to help set these up.  We would also be pleased to hear from you if you are interested in submitting a case study for our website. Contact our administrator Mandy at admin@hedqf.org about this, or any other thoughts about how we can develop and best serve our members.


Presentation from the UDF (originally HEDQF) Meeting held at the University of Exeter on 15 February 2013

Minutes of the UDF (originally HEDQF) Meeting held on 16 November 2012 in London

HEDQF Newsletter - March 2013

A number of presentations about development at Lancaster University were made at the UDF (originally HEDQF) meeting held on 23 February 2012, and these can be seen below: