Many of us will be asked for information in relation to our functions operations that makes comparison with our peer groups.

If you’ve ever been asked to do this you will have probably found that data and metrics in direct relation to our sector and specific functionality is hard to come by and much that is available is not equalised in such a way as to make it a fair comparison across the sector.

As year on year we are presented with the ever-increasing challenge to perform more “efficiently” it is useful to know where and how you compare with peers within the sector.

This will help you to understand how you sit and where you can perhaps target effort and attention to meet the objectives being set.

All of us submit HESA data every year but this is one set of information where you may not be in a representative TRAC Group or your data is skewed by the way your organisation prepares and allocates its finances; it’s certainly very high level and provides no opportunity for greater granularity which would be useful.

The purpose of this project is to develop measures and metrics that we can use across the sector for comparison and to present them in a way that normalises the data so that you can be confident that we are comparing apples with apples

It’s not to be underestimated what we are hoping to achieve and we need you to help with that.

We have published on this page the following documents for your information

To give this project the correct support, industry knowledge and provenance we will be partnering with BSRIA to provide the survey, its analysis and reporting.

What next?

                                                We need you



The project was presented at Lancaster Conference in front of at least 50 member organisations and received positive support: it’s now time to turn that positive support into action.

This project can only succeed with your participation.

We need at least 50% of the registered AUE member organisations to contribute to make the exercise meaningful: that’s approximately 50 of you!

Ideally we’ll do better and would ask all Regions to make their contribution and encourage others likewise.

All data will be anonymised.

Here is your link to the survey:


There were some expressions of concerns over the release of this data but please rest assured we are not asking for anything that you would not ordinarily provide for HESA or you’d be compelled to share by an FOI.

Please note the survey deadline has been extended to 29th February 2020.

Longer Term

This is a first phase to test the waters but subsequent development and release of new phases with additional data metrics is planned based upon participation and feedback.