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August 2022

BSRIA are interested to see if anyone in the AUE might be interested in authoring or contributing to  BSRIA publications.

BSRIA are currently seeking authors in the following areas:

If anyone in the AUE or within your Institution is an ‘expert’ or indeed just knows a lot about the topic, please either contact David Bleicher, publications manager for BSRIA directly or let Jeni Stevenson know


AUE Sponsors BG79 /2020 – Handover and O&M Manuals

Many of us at Conference bemoan the lack of timely, accurate and complete manuals post projects of all sizes that should enable us to pick up where a project leaves off into smooth operational transition.

BSRIA Guide BG79 has been around for a while but was due a revamp not least that the last time it was written we were still getting manuals on DVD’s and using the old RIBA stages.

Given the importance of this topic to most of us responsible for the day-to-day operation and maintenance of our Estate we are pleased to be a Gold Sponsor of the new guide launched in October 2020.

The Guide Covers:

  1. Legislative context
  2. Handover activities and documentation
  3. O&M manuals
  4. Appendices containing a number of useful templates and checklists

It is a great guide to share with your Projects Team and others and also allows you to perhaps consider how you might standardise your process to improve this important end of project information.

As BSRIA Coordinator for the AUE I have the privilege of representing us on its Publications Panel which enables us to contribute and comment on all planned and future publications.

If you’re a BSRIA Member you can download all Guides for free in pdf format:

If you’re not a BSRIA Member there is a significant discount for all AUE members when joining:

Tony Flint, Bangor University

BSRIA Liaison