AUE work closely with BSRIA, an association that provides knowledge and advice in all aspects of the built environment. Services include independent testing, consultation, research, training, instrumentation, and more.

BSRIA Membership

As added value to your AUE membership you can join BSRIA membership at an exclusive discounted subscription rate (up to 20%). 

BSRIA membership provides universities with up-to-date information and guidance to help your campuses perform more effectively and improve building performance. If your institution is a BSRIA member you can digitally download all BSRIA guides.  

Find out more about the benefits of membership.

To enquire about joining, contact / 01344 465607.

BSRIA Publications

BSRIA publishes a range of technical publications for the building services industry. Recent BSRIA publications which may be of interest to AUE members include:





BSRIA Training

BSRIA has a range of training courses that have and can be specifically tailored to the requirements of the university sector. To view a list of available courses, click here.

BSRIA has recently produced a learning and development programme to help organisations achieve net zero. This is called the Net Zero: Practical Pathway Programme and has been successfully trialled with a university. Further details can be found here.


AUE/BSRIA – partnership opportunities

Our respective associations have a strong and proud history of collaborative working. We continue to encourage the exploration and fulfilment of activities where there is a shared need to work together. Areas of collaboration have and may include:


Tony Flint, Bangor University                         

BSRIA Liaison