BSRIA - February E-News 2023

1 March 2023
As added value to your AUE membership you can join BSRIA membership at an exclusive discounted subscription rate (up to 20%).

News, events and publications including:

  • Thermal Comfort publication (TG 22/2023)

    BSRIA Bookshop:

  • Pressurisation of Closed Heating and Cooling Systems
  • Net Zero Carbon Buildings
  • Rethinking Sustainability in Facilities and Workplace Management
  • Fire Safety Law: A Practical Guide for Leaseholders, Building-Owners and Conveyancers
  • Resilient Building Retrofits: Combating the climate crisis

  • Net Zero: Practical Pathway Programme

    Training & Development

  • Fire Safety Management - 20th March online
  • Maintaiing Building Services - 23rd March BSRIA North
  • Fire Safety Act 2021, Building Safety Act 2022 & Fire Safety Regulations 2022: An Overview - 28th March online
  • Knowledge to achieve a Net Zero future

  • Air Quality Hub

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