BSRIA - Net Zero Carbon Buildings (NZG 1/2022) Free Guide

24 October 2022
BSRIA and London South Bank University have partnered to publish a comprehensive free guide to define the terminology of net zero and its implications for the built environment.

Net Zero Carbon Buildings (NZG 1/2022), outlines the key issues in the design and performance of buildings. The guide aims to help facilities managers, building owners, building occupiers, building services professionals and product manufacturers.


The UK is committed to creating a net zero carbon economy by 2050.


The guide covers:


  • Net zero build environment.
  • Net zero building design.
  • Net zero building operation.
  • Net zero systems.
  • Future of the gas grid and hydrogen.
  • Net zero legislation and drivers for change.


This free topic guide is available now from the BSRIA Bookshop.


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