Membership Categories

Full Members

Members shall be suitably qualified Engineers responsible for installation, operation, maintenance or design of Engineering Services and directly employed within a University or Higher Education Funded Council institution, or in certain situations, where there has been a merger between a University and a College, full membership shall be open to suitably qualified engineers, provided that the University has the majority control of the merged institution.

Applicants for Membership will be expected to hold the foregoing position of responsibility and have a minimum professional qualification of Eng. Tech. approved by the Engineering Council. Applicants not meeting these requirements shall be reviewed by the Executive Committee on the basis of their qualifications and experience.

Associate Members

Other Members of University Estates functions and employees of Research Institutions and Further Education Colleges may become Associate Members by recommendation of the Regional Chairperson to the AUE Executive. Associate Members shall have the right to participate in all meetings and be privy to all the AUE services available to Full Members but will not have voting powers in motions or elections nor the right to hold post on the Executive.


motions or
elections nor the right to hold post on the Executive.