AUE 2021 Virtual CPD & KNOWLEDGE Series for AUE Members Update

14 April 2021
The AUE 2021 Virtual CPD & KNOWLEDGE Series aims to provide a regular forum where AUE members & industry supporters can stay connected with one another, sharing new developments, updates & best practices.

COVID-19 has had a significant impact on the sector and the way we work. Alongside the challenges of keeping students and staff safe, the pandemic has brought about considerable change to the way we support and communicate with our stakeholders, and each other. Training will play a crucial role in building a confident and resilient workforce during this time; equipping you with essential skills and knowledge, and ensuring that services can provide safe and effective support.

The full CPD & Knowledge Series programme is now available, and can be seen on the attached document. Please click on the timings of each session if you wish to add these to your calendar. There are also links to the February, March and April sessions recordings; as well as a link to the registration website for the April series.

Session 6 - 7th July 2021

by John Treble, Founder and Client Services Director, The Green Consultancy and George Barnes, Energy and Sustainability Consultant, Owen Jones, Senior Energy Consultant and Simon Matthews, Principal Energy Consultant all of JRP Solutions. These speakers will provide a practical guide to developing and implementing a decarbonisation plan, tackling Scope 3 and an introduction to supply chain mapping.

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