AUE 2023 Virtual CPD & KNOWLEDGE Series (Members only) March 2023

10 March 2023
Our first session of 2023! Book onto our March Session below!

23rd March 2023

The March AUE 2023 Virtual CPD & KNOWLEDGE Series event taking place on Thursday 23rd, will focus on The Challenges in heating Student Accommodation. From 09:30, you will be able to access the event platform, giving you the opportunity to familiarise yourself with the platform and network with AUE colleagues ahead of the session, 10:00-11:00. You'll be able to visit the expo and network further using the networking carousel, after the session.

Fiona Conor, Managing Director, Trust Electric Heating
Scott Conor, Managing Director, Trust Electric Heating

Fiona Conor, Managing Director of Trust Electric Heating, will be discussing all things heating and energy leakage within student accommodation. She will explore the reasons why and how energy wastage occurs in student accommodation based on Trust’s findings from a case study with the University of Leeds.

She will propose new ways to conserve energy in student accommodations, saving money on electricity bills, alongside explaining student opinions on heating and thermostat use.

It will be an energetic and eye-opening session on all things electric heating, smart thermostats and energy efficiency within student accommodation.

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When do the series start?

We will be running a series of training sessions the first of which will be held in March 2023


Who will deliver the training?

Each training session will be delivered by a member or sector supporter, with content approved by the AUE.


How will the training be delivered?

We will use the virtual platform Hopin to deliver the webinars and/or workshops, meaning you can stay on the platform and network with other AUE members and speakers following the session.


How long will each series be?

The actual length of each session will be confirmed in due course, but we aim to keep these training series within 1-2 hours.


Privacy and GDPR:

Please note: by signing up to this event, you are allowing us to share your contact details (full name, job title, email address and University name) with our speakers. If you would like us to remove you from the attendee list, please contact


What is the cost to attend?

To ensure the series are accessible to our members, AUE is offering the full virtual programme for free. 


What topics will be covered?

A wide range of topics will be covered. More information coming soon.