AUE October CPD & Knowledge Sessions announced and open for bookings (Members only)

20 September 2021
We have yet another very exciting month lined up for you this October, as we are running two fantastic and informative CPD sessions for you.

Read more about our planned sessions, and register your place by clicking on the "register now" buttons below.

6th October 2021

The first October AUE 2021 Virtual CPD & KNOWLEDGE Series on Wednesday 6th October will focus on Water treatment in commercial heating and DHW systems in a session delivered by Joe Bell, Commercial Sector Manager - East, David Webster, Commercial Sector Manager - Midlands and Russ Walliss, Commercial Sector Manager - South, all of Sentinel.

Joe Bell, Commercial Sector Manager - East
David Webster, Commercial Sector Manager - Midlands
Russ Walliss, Commercial Sector Manager - South

Session synopsis:

In this session, Sentinel will cover the following;

  • Provide an explanation of why water treatment is critical to the health, efficiency and longevity of assets and the associated systems
  • Explain the causes of corrosion and how to manage it
  • Discuss how to manage limescale
  • Talk about the cost of poor water treatment regimes
    • Including case studies and illustrations
  • Discuss how to get it right
  • Reference to appropriate guidelines such as BG29 & BG50

They will also cover the following learning objectives, so that after the session you will be able to;

  • Identify key reasons for limescale formation and corrosion in Heating, Cooling and DHW systems.
    • Mitigate the risks
  • Understand water conditioner technologies and their applications in order to make an informed choice
  • Conditioner or softener? Information to help you make an informed choice

Recording of Session



Sentinel are water treatment experts, with 30+ years’ experience in the sector, helping you clean, protect & maintain heating and hot water systems. Our comprehensive range of products, supported by approachable experts, will help you achieve best practice protection for commercial systems, protecting against limescale, corrosion and accompanying problems which can cause inefficiency or failure.

20th October 2021

Join us on Wednesday 20th October for the second AUE 2021 Virtual CPD & KNOWLEDGE Series in October focusing on Building & Campus Energy Optimisation & Decarbonisation. The event platform will be open from 10:00 giving you the opportunity to familiarise yourself with the platform and network with AUE colleagues ahead of the session at 10:30-11:30. Afterwards you'll be able to network further and visit the expo.

Eric Roberts, Business Development Manager
David Ross, ICL Partner Operations Manager

Session synopsis:
How IES’ innovative digital twin technologies can be used by engineers and estate teams to optimise and decarbonise their university estates






Over the last 25+ years IES has built a solid reputation as the leading global innovator in integrated performance-based analysis for the built environment. Our Digital Twin technology facilitates the creation of resource-efficient, healthy and cost-effective built-environments of any size or purpose – supporting citizens, companies, campuses, communities, cities and even countries.




When do the series start?

We will be running a series of training sessions the first of which was held in February 2021. 


Who will deliver the training?

Each training session will be delivered by a company supporter to the sector, with content approved by the AUE.


How will the training be delivered?

We will use the virtual platform Hopin to deliver the webinars and/or workshops, meaning you can stay on the platform and network with other AUE members and speakers following the session, as well as visit our supporters' virtual stands in the “Expo” Area. 


How long will each series be?

The actual length of each session will be confirmed in due course, but we aim to keep these training series within 1-2 hours.


Privacy and GDPR:

Please note: by signing up to this event, you are allowing us to share your contact details (full name, job title, email address and University name) with our supporters. If you would like us to remove you from the attendee list, please contact


What is the cost to attend?

To ensure the series are accessible to our members, AUE is offering the full virtual programme for free. 


What topics will be covered?

The full programme is now available and can be viewed on the attached file. Please note that we will send out further information, as well as a specific registration link for the next webinar a few weeks ahead of each session. Please click on the date and time on the attached pdf file to save and add any of the sessions to your calendar.

Click here to find recordings of previous sessions.